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High quality adjustable beds – OLA Technology Australia

adjustable bedThe best name in adjustable beds Australia and adjustable bed Sydney, OLA Technology (Australia) Healthcare supplies electric beds and hospital beds with lumbar support to various commercial and domestic clients. We have beds for disabled clients, beds for the elderly and beds for people who simply enjoy reading or watching TV in bed. Whether you require an adjustable bed for health or professional reasons, or you’re making an informed lifestyle choice, our qualified friendly team can help you find the most suitable design for your needs.

Getting Out of Bed – when arising from bed with a low back condition, we recommend that you first lower the legs completely, then elevate your upper body to an almost complete sitting position.

Neck and Back – slightly elevating your back and legs, relaxes the neck & shoulders.

Elevating Your Upper Body – allows gravity to assist your heart muscle while making breathing easier and your airway less congested.
adjustable bed1Best Adjustable Bed Warranty – BED WARRANTY for specific warranty information.

Select the perfect adjustable bed for your needs and budget! Eliminates the medicinal and less attractive adjustable beds seen elsewhere. Our beds look sleek and conventional. An adjustable bed is no longer just for seniors, but for anyone wanting a perfect and healthy sleep experience. OLA Technology Adjustable Beds offer the flexibility to work, read watch T.V. or simply rejuvenate during a restorative sleep cycle.

Please give us a call on 1300 724 536 or contact us sales@ola-technology.com.au

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